Uproar Church is focused on creating a movement that will last beyond the moment. This movement has begun to take the city of Baltimore by storm. From block parties to backpack giveaways, homeless outreaches to beautification projects, Christmas events to Easter egg drops, and just being present in times of need, Uproar is determined to be known as “The City’s Church.” The goal is to see Jesus change lives by using Uproar Church throughout the city of Baltimore. Demonstrating the love of Christ with generosity and service is a top priority. Take a look at some of the news features that capture the impact that the ministry has had in the community.

“With food, prayer, or just a listening ear, [Uproar’s] members show their love and support.” -CBN’s John Jessup

“Volunteers with a local church are passing out free food and drinks… Streets once spewing with violence are now filled with people trying to bring peace.” –WJZ’s Tracey Leong

“[Uproar] church members have been showing up to do different works. [They] decided to come out here because [they] wanted to be a part of the community.” -CNN’s Ryan Young

“Uproar Church brought St. Nick in via helicopter. He then spent time taking pictures with the kids and getting their last minute gift requests.” –ABC’s Christian Schaffer

“Santa has a sleigh, so it’s only fair that the Easter bunny gets a sweet ride as well! It’s an annual event.” -ABC’s Christian Schaffer

“Local volunteers help clean up a Baltimore neighborhood.” -WBAL’s Deborah Weiner

“Thank you so very much.” -WBAL’s Rob Roblin

“A local church is reaching out to a community devastated by the number of young people lost to violent crime. The hope is that together they can honor the lives of those lost and find ways to stop the violence that has become so prevelant.” –WBAL’s Deborah Weiner