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Pastor James Teague is the Founder and Lead Pastor of Uproar Church. With a heart for the underprivileged and overlooked, he launched a nonprofit organization called UCare in 2017. His latest endeavor to come forth is his for-profit corporation, JET Ministries.

Born and raised in Baltimore City, Pastor James learned the value of hard work and from a young age helped his mother as she struggled to provide for the family. Throughout his teenage years, he was exposed to the Islamic religion by his boxing trainers and mentors who were devout members of the Nation of Islam. This upbringing afforded him a unique understanding and the ability to connect to a variety of cultures and lifestyles. At 19, he gave his life to Christ which ignited a love and passion to reach all people with the message of salvation.

The discipline instilled in him during those years of boxing produced a determined leader of substantial character in both church and business. As he branches out into various areas of speaking and writing, he continues to build his ministry and nonprofit into larger and more effective philanthropic tools that are used to create change, unify the divided and heal the broken. 

Pastor James devotes himself to being a strong faith-filled husband to Shelby who has been by his side since the beginning of his ministry. Along with their spiritual daughter, Modisty, they have a passion to reach the least, the lost and the left out and inspire broken people to find hope in Jesus.


Shelby Teague is the wife of James Teague, Pastor and Founder of Uproar Church in Owings Mills, Maryland. With a passion to support the vision of the ministry, she serves her husband in various ways to ensure that the direction God has given him for their church and family is carried out while also covering their spiritual daughter, Modisty. She has a deep desire to encourage and cultivate women to reach their fullest potential. This passion is displayed as Shelby leads worship and the Uproar Women’s Ministry where her vision is “to develop a community of women who relentlessly love, live, and serve like Jesus”. Shelby dedicates her life to seeing the men, women, and children of Baltimore City and beyond reach their destiny in Christ and become everything they are called to be!

As advocates of accountability in ministry and marriage, Pastor James and Shelby Teague submit to the guidance and leadership of Bishop T.D. and First Lady Serita Jakes of the Potter’s House of Dallas.