Colleen Mahoney

Chief of Staff

Colleen oversees the personnel of Uproar Church. She is responsible for the day-to-day management of personnel and the strategy to grow our team.


Justin Cary

Chief of security

Justin leads our security team. He is responsible for the coordination of our security efforts throughout the church and at church events.


Ursula Thomas

HR Director/UCARE

Ursula oversees our Human Resources department. She is responsible for recruitment, training and development of our serving team. She also oversees our non-profit, UCARE.



Caitlynn Dickerson

Staffing & Administration

Caitlynn oversees scheduling, communication and coordination of logistics for church affairs with staff.


Modisty Johnson

youth ministry director

Modisty leads our youth ministry team. She is responsible for building and overseeing programs for the middle and high school students in our church.


Angela Tantlinger

executive assistant

Angela oversees the day-to-day operations of the Pastoral Office.


Kendra Colbert

Director of uproar kids

Kendra oversees the Uproar Kids classrooms and curriculum for children ages 0-12. She is responsible for developing the next generation of change-agents.


Pam Cary

community relations dir.

Pam oversees our partnerships with organizations who provide varying resources for our congregants and the communities we support.


Josanne Walker

development coordinator

Josanne oversees the assimilation process for Growth Track. Growth Track is designed for people who want to go deeper in their walk with God and ultimately pursue leadership within the church.