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our parking lot team

The experience starts as soon as you pull into our facility. When you enter our parking lot, we have an amazing volunteer team that awaits you with smiles and high fives or umbrellas if the weather calls for it!

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Our Greeters

Once you have safely parked you will be met with a warm hug from our team of greeters. This team will take care of anything you may need to prepare you for service. This includes, water, tea, coffee, light refreshments and more! If you are new to Uproar, be sure to stop by our First Time Guest area for a free gift. Here you will receive a layout of the facilities and more information to help you navigate on your first visit.

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Smiling faces will welcome you from the stage to kick off the service! From there, our worship team takes over to help facilitate an atmosphere for God’s presence to reign as we are reminded how great He is. We understand that worship transcends cultures, so our worship style ranges from contemporary christian music to mainstream gospel songs in order to reach all people.

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The Message

Service kicks off with an amazing worship experience which sets the stage for a powerful message from Pastor James Teague. With biblical principles, relatable stories and real-life application, Pastor James' messages are aimed to reach people from all walks of life encouraging each person to tap into who God has called them to be!

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Uproar Kids

While you are engaged in service, your children ages 0-12 will participate in a service of their own. Uproar Kids is filled with teachers who are excited to impact the next generation of change-agents! The classrooms are designed to enable children to learn Christ-like behavior while receiving a biblical lesson plan tailored to their age group.