At Uproar Kids, we believe every child is designed by God to be a leader - someone who makes a difference in the world by having an influence over the lives of others. Our goal with each and every opportunity is to help ensure that your child develops into that leader.

We focus on teaching children three basic truths: I need to make the wise choice (wisdom), I can trust God no matter what (faith) and I should treat others the way I want to be treated (friendship). Children learn those three basic truths through different life applications within the monthly theme.

Every weekend in Uproar Kids, your child will have the opportunity to earn Uproar Bucks by demonstrating Biblical leadership traits, such as memorizing their monthly Bible verse, praying for the class, inviting their friends to church, bringing their Bibles and more! As your child earns Uproar Bucks, they will be able to purchase prizes from our Uproar Kids Store before class begins at 10:45a on Sundays! At this time, Uproar Kids is not available at our 8:45a Sunday Experience.



All of our Uproar Kids volunteers undergo an application process including a background check and training so you know your child will always have a safe and fun experience. We use a security tag system for child check-in and pick-up, and a paging system for parents/guardians in case we need to reach you during service.

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Our volunteers will happily escort you to the Uproar Kids Check-In area. There, you’ll input your child’s information, notify us of any allergies or concerns and learn which room is age appropriate for your child. You can register your child before your visit by planning your family visit here.

Upon check-in, parents and children will receive matching security badges. Each badge is assigned a number so that parents may be contacted if necessary. When service concludes, you can pick up your child at their room by presenting your matching security badge.

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In our Nursery, newborns to 2 years of age begin their journey toward lifelong learning and leadership in a clean, safe and nurturing environment. Our Nursery is a secure, peaceful space for your newborns to rest, play and be cared for. Toddlers are constantly moving, touching and investigating, so in this age group, we use developmental toys, age appropriate Bible lessons, music and influential adult volunteers to facilitate learning through experiences, imitation and repetition.


Ages 3-6

As children move from the Nursery to the 3-6 Classroom, we implement the Orange Curriculum to help kids learn while having fun! Our teachers use videos, interactive activities, games and crafts to help the children learn Bible lessons and apply them to their lives.


AGES 7-12

The 7-12 Classroom utilizes many different teaching methods including action videos and performances, object lessons, small group lessons, music, dance and more! All of this is done with the Orange Curriculum to teach children the principles and values that will help them become the leaders God has designed them to be.

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